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Situation Report: Pandemic at the Border

Isolated from other major urban centers, the COVID-19 pandemic took its time arriving in the El Paso-Ciudad Juárez region. Once it did arrive in mid-March, it became apparent that our community was particularly vulnerable.


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On this webinar we cover some of the most urgent issues faced by migrants during the pandemic, including ICE detention, Title 42 expulsions and continued changes to Remain in Mexico.

Vickie Neilson, CLINIC's Managing Attorney for Defending Vulnerable Populations, joins us to discuss proposed asylum regulations.

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One year since the shooting, immigration advocates and El Pasoans explain what #LoveForElPaso means to them. In memory of those we lost.

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El Paso: One Year Later. Part 2

Dylan Corbett and Marisa Limón Garza of the Hope Border Institute in El Paso are joined by Bishop Mark Seitz of the El Paso Diocese to reflect on the deadliest anti-Latino attack in U.S. history and how life has and hasn’t changed along the border—politically, culturally, and spiritually

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El Paso: One Year Later. Part 1

The first part of a two-part Commonweal Magazine podcast series dedicated to commemorating the  August 3 Matanza. Listen to poignant reflections from Msgr. Arturo Bañuelas of St.Mark Catholic Church in the Diocese of El Paso and Neomi De Anda from the University of Dayton.


Warning - the content reflects on racial violence and may be difficult for some listeners.

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