Just Trade Policy

Border communities and a grassroots movement across the country were successful in beating back the TPP!


Border communities shouldn't suffer the consequences of misguided trade policy. With the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement (TPP), President Obama, politicians and corporate interests wanted to lock in for the next century an outdated model of development that has generated record profits but proven disastrous for workers, the environment and the poor. Now, President Trump has signaled his intention to re-negotiate NAFTA. We deserve an agreement that raises standards for all and promotes the common good.

Faces of Trade

HBI's Faces of Trade video series aims to connect people with true life scenarios of the consequences of

trade deals and people in our community who have been affected by them. Please watch and share!


Corbett: O’Rourke, border should lead on trade deals

O'Rourke has done a remarkable job in listening to the concerns in his community regarding TPP, even organizing a Town Hall Meeting dedicated just for this trade deal, but his leadership in opposing it is necessary.

Corbett: Our border needs leadership on TPP

TPP's consequences will impact the poor, our environment, and workers; these ramifications have been felt by our borderlands before. Congressman O'Rourke can stand  up for our frontera beliefs. 

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