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Border Observatory:
US Immigration Court Observation Manual

It has never been more important for the public to pay attention to what is going on in our nation’s immigration courts.


For more than three years, HOPE’s Border Observatory Court Observation Project has monitored the shifting policies and practices of the criminalization of migrants in El Paso immigration courts. This manual is the fruit of that work.


The US Immigration Court Observation Manual is meant for individuals, advocates and organizers as well as university groups and faith communities to do the critical work of monitoring immigration courts, not only at the US-Mexico border, but across the country.

Click the icon to download the manual:

Border Observatory:

US Immigration Court Observation Manual

What you will find inside:

Helpful Terms and Abbreviations

Master Calendar Hearing Timeline


Types of Hearing and Relief

Why We Observe

Trends to Monitor

Guide to Border Agencies

Relief from Removal

US Immigration Court

Court Observation Template

Planning Your Visit

Court Observation FAQs


Additional Reading

Guide to Asylum at the Border

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