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Thousands of migrants, mostly from Central America, are currently stranded in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, across the border from El Paso, TX. These migrants have been returned to Ciudad Juárez as a result of inhumane immigration policies.

Grants from the fund will be used to support the initiatives and shelters providing for the immediate humanitarian needs of migrants in Ciudad Juárez, the majority of which have been organized by faith communities.

Speaking on the new Border Refugee Assistance Fund, Bishop Seitz said, ‘The need in Juarez is tremendous. Churches and community-led initiatives there are doing everything possible to feed, clothe and offer shelter to thousands of migrant families fleeing desperate conditions and looking for safety and refuge. Here we have a real opportunity to serve Christ in the migrant.’

Dylan Corbett, executive director of HOPE, added, ‘We are proud to partner with Bishop Seitz for this critical opportunity to support migrants at the US-Mexico border. Faith communities and individuals across the country have asked how they can help at the border and this is a concrete way to make a difference in the lives of migrant families in need.’

Click the button to get more details and information on how to donate to the fund today!

Our Programs


Meeting the health care needs of those who migrate, including life-saving emergency health care, support for pregnant women, as well as Covid-testing and treatment


Mental Health

Partnering with Jesuit Migrant Services (Mexico) to provide trauma therapy, group counseling and individualized support to meet the mental health needs of people on the move


Emergency Shelter

Supporting operations for two round-the-clock shelters in Ciudad Juárez uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the most vulnerable women and families fleeing organized crime, persecution and violence as well as black migrants facing discrimination. 



Food for local Juárez-based shelters and parishes meeting the needs of vulnerable migrant populations, such as newly arriving Haitians and Venezuelans.



Building the capacity of parish-based shelters in the Diocese of El Paso to receive asylum seekers and migrants with dignity

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