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HOPE’s participatory and community-based research hub from a borderlands perspective.

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Biden Administration Continues to Expel Asylum Seekers to Danger While U.S. Border Communities Stand Ready to Welcome.


Hope and Resistance at the Border (2019)

In the last year we’ve witnessed a cruel strategy to break migrants and our border community - zero tolerance, family separation and now Remain Mexico. This a moment for decision. It’s now up to us to define the next chapter for our Paso del Norte community and work together for justice at the US-Mexico border.


HOPE spoke to dozens of people on the move in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico and posed the question: “What led you to leave your home?” The answers revealed a confluence of natural and human-made disasters, economic structures that impoverish and state failure to protect people experiencing both generalized and gender-based violence.


Isolated from other major urban centers, the COVID-19 pandemic took its time arriving in the El Paso-Ciudad Juárez region. Once it did arrive in mid-March, it became apparent that our community was particularly vulnerable.

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US Immigration Court Observation Manual

HOPE’s Immigration Court Watch Network is designed to help groups launch and sustain immigration court observation programs in targeted communities across the country. The program is a strong fit for advocates, organizers, university groups and faith communities committed to fight for justice.


Learn more about the ways migrants and refugees deal with trauma and a broken immigration system to build resilience, strength and find meaning in the midst of suffering.

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Situation Report: Remain in Mexico (2020)

Remain in Mexico represents a new level of assault on migrants, our binational communities and our country’s commitment to asylum. But it is also a piece with the long legacy of racism at the border and a national history of immigrant scapegoating.

Sealing the Border (2018)

Documentation of the violations of the rights and dignity of migrants and asylum-seekers.

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Discretion to Deny (2017)

This report details the human impacts and moral consequences of a broken immigration system and the increasingly militarized border.

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